Leather personalization

Morina Mongin — 2015

Terre des Hommes

Full biscuit Oasis goatskin, foil stamped design based on a drawing by Peter Sis, Morina Mongin — 2014 (photo Daniele Muratori)

The binding for Terre des Hommes (Saint-Exupéry) by Morina Mongin is a example of how the process of hot foil stamping can be used to personalize leathers. Patterns and designs are etched into metallic plates, which are then heated up and pressed into the leather, with coloured foils in between or not (« blind »).

Logique sans peine Castiglioni

Full light pink boxcalf binding, leather onlays, foil stamped drawing, inlayed lettering, Luigi Castiglioni — 2013 (photo Daniele Muratori)

For La Logique sans peine (Lewis Carroll, illustrations by Max Ernst), the pattern has been enhanced by raised fluorescent lines which adds dynamism and legibility to the design.


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