Comme nuage et vent  Lionel Ray

Els Baeklandt — 2006

Comme nuage et vent

When abstract calligraphy supports the invisible (photo © Michèle Garrec for LRC)

Six poems and four etchings open the field of possibles.


Lionel Ray, French poet and essayist born in 1935, provides the material to feed the lyricism of calligrapher Els Baekelandt. The words burst out to breathe fully thoughout the pages.


« La beauté pend à cette corde / comme un corps trop usé, gémissant. »


Els Baekeland chooses etching to give the paper the imprint of her movement. A small book with tremendous energy.


Comme nuage et vent, published by Sanchez-Alamo editions, 1/57 on Moulin de Capellades paper, signed by the author and artist, letterpressed in Pascal, 11,5 x 15,5 cm, Pantin, 2006. Our copy is enriched by a brass plate which was used for printing. Price on request.


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