Photo © Stéphane Ouzounoff

Morina Mongin has hesitated between theater and bookbinding. She reads, writes and binds by vocation.


She launched in spring 2016 La Reliure Contemporaine. The interpretive dimension encountered in fine art bindings unifies her passion for the texts and their incarnation.


do and exist

the soul unites them

that of meaning

all attentive

an ever-beating heart

thanks to the job

a savage accuracy

devoted obstinate

it’s about seeing

the avenir in advance

in the committed act

something is comming up

it’s the future already present

the eye upside down

see the unity.


Bernard Noël

“Un peu d’ici encore (excerps),

in Touchez-voir, front-poem for

the collection of Morina Mongin

with 3 original engravings by Miloslav Moucha,

LRC, Paris, 2018.