Die Nibelungen  Franz Keim

Luigi Castiglioni — 2012




Die Nibelungen reliure et coffret Castiglioni

A masterpiece of Wiener Werkstätte movement bound in full Morocco with gold tooling and leather onlays and housed in a spectacular decorative box, signed by Luigi Castiglioni (photo © Michèle Garrec for LRC)

An abbreviated version of Franz Keim’s saga, typeset by Otto Eckmann and illustrated by Carl Otto Szeschka, this edition is one of the most convincing examples of modern book design, where all elements play a part in the global artistic vision.


The design of this binding by Luigi Castiglioni is a luxurious emanation of the book and offers a physical immersion into the world of the Nibelungen.


Die Nibelungen by Franz Keim,  with 8 lithographic prints using gold and colour by Carl Otto Czeschka, Verlag Gerlach & Wieddling, Vienne-Leipzig, 1908 (first edition) 15,5 x 15 cm. Decorative box. Available for sale. Price on request.


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