Lost  Bill Woodrow — 2016

13015531_1702885263313342_4423911168086784813_nLost déployé
Lost jour

Lost, presented at the NewArtCentre in Roche Court (photo Umberto Giovannini)

Born in 1948, Bill Woodrow is a member of the New British Sculpture, along with Anish Kapoor and Tony Cragg. His work tells powerful narratives through fictional events and the transformation of industrial scraps and found objects.


With Lost, Bill Woodrow signs an extraordinary book sculpture, which unfolds to an 8 meters long concertina, a technical feat for the manufacturer Opificio della Rosa (Rimini province, Italy). A series of etchings, no text, two paths between skies, mountains and rivers, from day to night, give this piece a highly poetic resonance.


Lost consists of 56 original wood etchings printed on 350g Magnani Litho by Umberto Giovannini. It was bound in boxcalf and housed in a solander box by Luigi Castiglioni, 1/12 signed by the artist, Rimini, 2016. More informations and price available on request.



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