Ça pourrait être l’histoire d’un Pommier

Anne-Lise Courchay — 2016

Pommier couv déployéePommier double-page intérieurePommier grenouillePommier détail fruit
Pommier couché

A remarkable artist book of great maturity and unmatched skill by Anne-Lise Courchay (photo © Michèle Garrec for LRC)

In Ça pourrait être l’histoire d’un Pommier (It could be the story of an Apple Tree), Anne-Lise Courchay stages an world of dots and lines interacting in a parchment landscape. At the center of the plot is the seed, which grows page after page into a shrub, and a tree, and an apple, the fruit which reveals the identity of the subject.


Dot after dot, line after line, the story unravels like a metaphor of the slow development of life on Earth, helped by the light, seasons, wind and all the other elements. Insects and animals are present as well, and enrich the story by their appearances. The absence of text strengthens the meditative intensity of this book. The parchment covers, richly decorated with colourful stratas subtly resonates with the content.


Ça pourrait être l’histoire d’un Pommier is a contemporary artist book, though timeless through its subject matter : the creation. How not to think about genesis, the tree of knowledge, the apple tree, Eden?


Ça pourrait être l’histoire d’un Pommier, one-off artist book consisting of twelve original ink drawings on parchment, in a layflat structure, created by Anne-Lise Courchay in 2016, 11,3 x 19 x 3 cm. Sold.

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