Lumière provençale 

Anne-Lise Courchay — 2013

Lumière provençale Anne-Lise CourchayLumière Provençale Anne-Lise CourchayAnne-Lise Courchay
Anne-Lise Courchay

One-of-a-kind bookwork consisting of nine ink drawings on vellum I Design, drawings and binding signed by Anne-Lise Courchay (photo © Michèle Garrec for LRC)

Everything that grows under the sun is a measure of time. Entirely made of parchment (cover and leaves), the book stages a landscape from the South of France, at nine times of the year.


Lumière provençale, artist book created in parchment by Anne-Lise Courchay in 2013 consisting of nine original ink drawings, 6,5 x 19,5 cm. Sold.


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